What are Styled Shoots?

Styled shoots are really awesome for being able to learn from some of the best in the industry as well as building your portfolio and honing your skills!

We will send out an email that gathers your information as well as the styled shoot that you want! Send it back by the deadline!

After deliberation we will let you know if you got the spot for your desired session! 

Pay for your spot! You get to pay and reserve your spot! If you don't pay by the deadline your spot will be released to the next person on the waiting list.

There’s 5 slots in the schedule when styled shoots happen (Mon pm, Tues am, Weds am & pm). During those time slots there’s multiple groups who go out and paint the town with camera clicks. You pay $50, sign up for a maximum of 3 slots and can pick which type of styled shoot you’d like to be a part of.

Here's how it all


Megan Allen

Melissa Lynn Hunt

Phil Porto

Joseph West

Sam Stroud

Jason Vinson

tonie Christine

There is nothing like growing together with other people and learning from the best of the best. These photographers have mastered their craft and are willing to teach you EVERYThing they know and it's pretty darn awesome!

Styled Shoot Leaders

the best of the best

Liz Golden

David Mendoza

Josh best

The most practical applications for the most effective results

Renown as one of the best wedding photographers in the world. Located in Monterey, Mexico, Fer Juaristi has won countless Junebug Best of the Best awards, Fearless awards and was Rangefinders top 30 Rising wedding Photographers in the world. He travels all over the world for weddings 

wedding photographer • Monteray, MX

Fer Juaristi

Topic: TBA

Lanny & Erika Mann were voted the two best wedding photographers in the world 5 years in a row by Fearless Photographers. They photograph weddings all over the world and charge a premium to do so.  

Two Mann Studios

wedding photographer • Alberta Canada

Topic: TBA

Tonie Christine

wedding photographer • PNW

Topic: Business isn’t for the faint of heart, and kid..you got heart! 

I once interviewed 7 death row inmates (ask me about this one later). I  am the photographer for the couple who does not just walk the aisle, but they blaze their own trail! I am also dedicated to running a business that allows me to do what I love and life my life! 

Styled Shoot Topic: TBA

Justin & Ashley

wedding photographers • Florida

We’re Justin and Ashley- a film photography husband and wife team based in Tampa, FL. We like to think of ourselves as one part artist, one part bride whisperer, and two parts tree hugger.  We believe our purpose in this industry (beyond delivering beautiful photos) is to inspire people and couples to joyfully live out the season they are in- and use our gifts to serve and love them well.

We believe there are enough weddings to go around- and good things come to those who hustle!

We get excited about goal setting, marketing, and creating systems (real party animals over here!) and we love inspiring and helping other kreativs make their business dreams a reality.

When we aren’t behind a camera or a computer, you can find us traveling the globe, volunteering at church, or dancing to old school hip hop while we cook a new recipe at home.

Topic: How to not be a starving artist

Styled Shoot Topic: TBA

Jason Vinson

wedding photographer • Arkansas

Amazing Photographers based out of Arkansas. Jason is known as one of the top 100 Wedding Photographers in the world as well as a Staff Writer for Fstoppers.

Topic: Shooting and editing for creative intent

Styled Shoot Topic: Creating on the Fly - No scouting, No plan

Adam mason

wedding photographer • Washington DC

Host of The Bearded Tog podcast, Adam Mason has a vast knowledge on building a business that not only wows clients but makes some serious money along the way!

Topic: SEO For Dummies

Sam Stroud

wedding photographer • Virginia

With a team of 15 photographers, Sam stroud runs a studio in Virginia that photographers over 150 weddings per year and crushing their market!

Topic: TBA

Styled Shoot Topic: TBA

Joseph West

wedding photographer • TExas

My experience is vast: I’ve shot weddings ranging from small intimate elopements, 1500 person 4-5 days events, events with no light..and plenty of light, the weddings of celebrities, and many more types of events. Winner of Rangefinders Rising top 30 Wedding Photographers in the world.

Topic: Live Edit

Styled Shoot Topic: Find the Light

Devin Robinson

wedding photographer • North Carolina

Devin is the owner of Anchor & Veil Photography. A studio wIth 5 photographers, and 2 cinematographers. He also owns a marketing firm and understands how to market in this day and age. He will walk you though how we created a 6 figure SALARY (before associates) and generates over 200K a year from instagram alone.

Elevate 301 Intensive instructor

Benjamin Chernivsky

wedding photographer • Chicago, Il

Owner of This is Feeling out of Chicago and started the Gifyyy photobooth company which are used by hundreds of businesses around the world

Topic: TBA

Phil porto

wedding photographer • Florida

Most wedding photographers don't have a hard time being inspired. They have a hard time knowing what to do with the inspiration to make it more then just a hobby and make it a career. We want to be a resource for new aspiring photographers as well as photographers who just need to figure certain things out. 

Styled Shoot Topic: “how to kill it in a time crunch and still connect” 

Topic: A Brand that Doesn't Suck

Christina Karst

wedding photographer • Florida

Believe it or not, I haven't always been a book-able, successful, to-die-for photographer (I know, I know you're shocked). I was a beginner once, and I had a lot of questions. So I'm thrilled to introduce a new Q&A section for all you crazy people that are inspired by my work. And I want you to ask me ANYTHING. Creating is a tough biz, but there's room for all of us and at the end of the day we're all in love with the same thing.

Topic: How not to make it...

Fred Lopez

Portrait/Fashion photographer • Florida

Fred Lopez is a multi-year Charlie Award winning commercial and editorial photographer based in Central Florida. Fred has produced exceptional images as Chief Photographer for Style Magazine and Healthy Living Magazine for seven years, and has worked with several high profile clients as a freelancer.  

Topic: “This photo will save your career”

Hannah Rosholt

Senior photographer • Minnesota

I'm a wedding and portrait photographer based out of the beautiful Midwest in the city of Austin, Minnesota.

Topic: Super power posing 

Liz Golden

Portrait photographer • Florida

My name is Liz and I am a destination wedding photographer based in Jacksonville, FL. I feel that photography is my true calling in life. I absolutely love what I do and feel incredibly privileged when I am asked to be a part of a couple’s most important moments.

Styled Shoot Topic: Off camera flash magic

Rich Burkhart

wedding photographer • Savannah, Ga

More than half of my life has been dedicated to studying the art of photography. I have a Masters of Fine Arts in photography from Saavannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), and in the years since my graduation, I have grown in my abilities to tell life stories. My style of shooting is artistic/photojournalistic, meaning that I find moments as they happen, and also give direction in posing. 

Kreat 101 Intensive instructor

Melissa Lynn Hunt

Seniors photographer • North Carolina

Melissa Lynn Hunt left her career as an elementary school teacher to pursue her dreams of owning her own photography business. In just a few short years she built an award winning senior portrait business and a one of kind mentorship program for teens in Concord, NC. Harnessing her desire to serve and build deeper relationships, Melissa focuses on creating an intimate client experience that perpetuates into life long relationships.

Topic: Delight Your Clients and Exceed Their Expectations

Styled Shoot Topic: Creating Senior Portraits that appeal to both the High School Teen and their Parents

Megan Allen

wedding photographer • Ohio

Megan Allen is a destination wedding photographer based in Southwest Ohio. Specializing in dynamic images utilizing light and focusing on the story of the day, Megan aims to create images that take her clients back to their social moments in bold fashion.

Topic: TBA

Styled Shoot Topic: Polish the turd

Kiyah Crittendon

wedding photographer • Atlanta, Ga

Kiyah C Photography is a wedding photographer and portrait photographer based in Atlanta and Washington DC. She specializes in wedding photography, elopement photography, destination weddings, engagement sessions, and creative portraits for women and brands. She is available for travel worldwide.

Kreat 101 Intensive instructor

Ryan & Erica Manthey
(Pure 7 studios)

Wedding & Family photographers • Florida

Ryan & Erica Manthey established Pure7 Studios in 2007, a boutique studio specializing in luxury weddings and portraits. Earning a consistent 6-figure salary (each) since year two in business, they’ve used IPS (in person sales) in their home-based studio for over 10 years to reach a $4,000+ sales average for portraits and $7,000 for weddings (non-IPS). They are passionate about this level of service and creating family heirlooms for their clients and can’t wait to show you their start-to-finish process for luxury portrait sales!

Topic:  in person Portrait sales in a destination market

Styled Shoot Topic: Embracing families & emotion

Jennifer Cortiella

wedding photographer • Florida

Even though I found photography at such a young age, it took me years to come back to it as a career. I was a paralegal. A private investigator. A bail bondsman. A fashion designer. But none of them brought me half the joy that photography does.  I wanted to show my daughter that what she loves even now at her young age is important. She is why I’m finally doing what I love.

Kreat 101 Intensive instructor

Maddy Mahairas

wedding photographer • Florida

"I am a firm believer in finding and making connections. I spent 7.5 years in the military and I felt I wasn't able to really express emotion, after getting out I really wanted to be able to show that people can outwardly express that emotion and how valuable that is. This became the foundation for why it is so important to me to connect and show that connection and emotion between people though prompts and posing while just being themselves infront of the camera. More importantly my mission is to just capture everyone in their current walk of life, wherever they are, and whatever that definition means to them! Just being raw and full of love.” 

Kreat 101 Intensive instructor

Megan Huard

wedding photographer • Florida

I’m Megan, foodie, wine lover, coffee addict, lover of the outdoors, recent homeowner, chaser of light, world traveler, and the eye behind In A Glimpse Photography.  In A Glimpse Photography divides time between Central and South Florida and offers sessions from The Florida Keys to Ocala and everywhere in between.

Kreat 101 Intensive instructor

David Mendoza

wedding photographer • Florida

I’m a Southern California native and have been nestled in Santa Barbara, CA for the past 12 years. I’m award-winning, international wedding photographer focused on capturing magical weddings.

I'm a designer-turned-photographer with a passion for travel, meaningful connections and authentic moments.

Styled Shoot Topic: Creating magic out of the ordinary

Tyler Bolyston

wedding photographer • Florida

Founder & Host of the SUmmit